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Medical Herbalist

Herbal medicine is a timeless healing art that harnesses the power of nature to support health and wellness. With roots stretching back to ancient civilizations, it involves using plants and plant extracts to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As a qualified medical herbalist since 2002, I bring a deep understanding of clinical medicine, plant pharmacology, and the synergistic effects of herbal combinations to my practice.

I am trained to create tailored herbal remedies that address the individual health needs of my clients, focusing on treating the underlying causes of illness rather than just symptoms. My approach is holistic—I consider the whole person, including lifestyle, diet, and emotional state, when devising treatment plans. Often, I can work in conjunction with other healthcare providers to integrate herbal treatments with conventional medicine, ensuring a comprehensive care strategy.

Herbal medicine offers a natural and often gentle alternative for managing everyday health concerns, enhancing vitality, and maintaining long-term wellness. It particularly appeals to individuals seeking to reduce their reliance on pharmaceuticals or those interested in preventive health care.

I am Nikki Hawkes, and if you’re curious about how herbal medicine can be tailored to benefit your specific health conditions and goals, I am here to provide personalised guidance. That’s why I offer a 15-minute complimentary call via Zoom or other software. This initial chat lets us discuss your health concerns and goals in a relaxed setting where you can feel comfortable asking questions and exploring possibilities. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn how herbal medicine can be integrated into your life for improved well-being without any commitment. Booking this call could be the first step towards a more natural, empowered approach to your health.