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Nutritional and Herbal medicine

Ginger and spice for herbal medicineAre you struggling with a complex or chronic disease? If so, you may be frustrated with the modern day view of disease. With a doctor for every different part of the body. If only someone would look at your health as a whole! This is how a medical herbalist is trained. To work using a natural approach, with your body, to help your body to help itself.

Nikki specialises in the treatment of complex health conditions. She doesn’t just treat symptoms but tries to find the root cause of the problem. Using a combination of nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and stress management techniques. Her goal is to restore your natural health and vitality.

Nutritional therapy means eating the food that is right for you. While avoiding the foods that may do you harm. Good nutrition doesn’t just prevent most diseases. Provided with the right nutrients the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. If you can’t tolerate certain foods then supplements can help to bridge the gap. Appropriate supplementation will be part of your treatment plan where required.

Herbal medicines can be thought of almost in terms of superfoods. They contain phytochemicals not found anywhere else. These are capable both of promoting health and reversing disease. A medical herbalist can use herbs safely and effectively. Herbal remedies are suitable for people of all ages. Your herbalist knows when herbs can be used alongside medicines from your doctor.

This natural approach, a combination of healthy diet and lifestyle changes, herbal medicines and nutritional supplements, exercise and stress reduction techniques can create a powerful remedy to chronic ill health. For chronic diseases it is important to view the body as a whole. Not as a series of isolated parts. If you have been struggling with a complex or chronic disease you need a practitioner with a holistic view. That can determine the underlying causes, not just treat your symptoms.


New Patient Nutritional and Herbal Medicine Appointment, up to 90 mins, £90

This appointment must be face to face and usually takes around 90 minutes.  It includes a comprehensive health assessment, including a physical examination as appropriate.  Herbal medicine is usually available from the onsite dispensary while you wait. Or you are free to find another source.

Herbs supplied from our onsite dispensary are the best quality available. They are supplied at an additional cost to the consultation fee.

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Follow up Nutritional and Herbal Medicine Appointment, up to 45 mins, £50

Plan on at least one follow up appointment to assess treatment progress.  Though you might need more than one follow up appointment depending on your treatment or condition.

This appointment can either be in person, or on the phone, as you prefer.

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Or a follow up appointment by telephone


If you are still not sure, or you want to learn more, you could take a look at my blog. Where I discuss my natural approach to health.

Perhaps you are already taking medications for your chronic conditions and you realise they are causing you some side effects. Or, maybe you just know that deep down these drugs that may help to relieve some of your pain, don’t actually solve the underlying cause. Meaning you will have to take them for life.

Taking a natural approach may not solve all your health concerns but working with a medical herbalist can lead to improvements you didn’t think were possible.