Nutrient dense foods are key in functional nutritionHealthy nutrition is the foundation for good health not to mention peak performance. But there is no one perfect diet or food plan that is right for everyone. We are all unique with unique needs. For instance, we have different genetics, different preferences and different schedules. Each of these will have an influence on what is right for us.

Yet, although we all want to be healthy, most people have not figured out the foods that are right for them. Functional nutritional therapy offers the means and strategies to find the right diet or food plan for you.

Importantly, the right food plan can maximise your potential for health. As well as potentially reversing dysfunction or disease.

A functional nutrition appointment involves a comprehensive assessment. The purpose of the appointment includes the identification of potential biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies.

The tools for this identification will include a detailed intake form, thorough consultation and laboratory testing if necessary. After which your functional nutrition therapist can provide a personalised nutrition plan with dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

At the Holistic Health Centre, your therapist is trained in nutritional medicine and functional medicine. As well as being an experienced medical herbalist.

She is also a registered GAPS practitioner. The GAPS diet was developed to help people that have both digestive and psychological health problems, as is often found for example in autism.

Nikki also specialises in the utilisation of other elimination diets such as the low FODMAPs diet. Elimination diets can be personalised to improve general health or for specific conditions. In particular people with autoimmune conditions and other chronic health issues can benefit from elimination diets. These can be explained and provided during a consultation process.

Personalised nutrition programs can be offered alone or alongside other therapies.