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We offer the following acupuncture appointments:

New Patient Acupuncture appointment – up to 90 mins, £60

Your first acupuncture visit will be as a new patient appointment. During this first consultation your acupuncturist will make a comprehensive health assessment. This includes details of your main health concerns, medical history, diet, sleep quality and also your energy levels to determine the treatment you require.

This appointment includes a treatment of up to 40 minutes.

Follow up acupuncture appointment – 60 minutes, £40

You may require one or more follow up appointments.  At the follow up appointment your acupuncturist will assess treatment progress. And then provide a treatment of up to 40 mins.

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The human body is designed to heal itself. Most of the time it can manage to do this without any problems. So, the body’s internal environment remains stable, constant and in balance. A process known as homeostasis. But, if the body’s internal balance is disturbed we can develop symptoms, such as pain. With symptoms like inflammation or swelling. In Chinese medicine this is explained as a blockage of Qi. When the flow of Qi is blocked, energy can not flow smoothly through the channels and we feel pain.

An acupuncturist is trained to use special needles in the skin at specific points on the body. The needles are single use, solid and disposable. They are extremely fine, usually only a fraction of a millimetre in thickness.

The specific points on the skin are the acupuncture points. When a needle is placed in one of these points it can affect the balance of the body’s systems, or homeostasis. These extremely fine needles activate the body’s own self-healing ability. They help unblock the channels (or meridians) and allow the free and smooth flow of Qi. This relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

A truly holistic treatment, research shows that acupuncture can restore proper blood flow to the tissues, stimulate healing, including repair of old injuries. It also relaxes muscles, relieving pressure on joints and helps to relieve stress.

People generally find after a treatment they feel more relaxed, their sleep is improved, and they have more energy.

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