Acupuncture treatments


New Patient Acupuncture appointment - up to 90 mins, £65

During this first acupuncture consultation, your acupuncturist will make a comprehensive health assessment. This includes details of your main health concerns, medical history, diet, sleep quality and also your energy levels to determine the treatment you require.

This appointment includes a treatment of up to 40 minutes.

Follow up acupuncture appointment – 60 minutes, £45

You may require one or more follow up appointments.  At the follow up appointment your acupuncturist will assess treatment progress. And then provide a treatment of up to 40 mins.

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The human body is designed to heal itself. The body's internal environment usually remains stable, constant and in balance. A process known as homeostasis. When the balance is disturbed we might feel pain. There could be inflammation or swelling. In Chinese medicine this is explained as a blockage of Qi. The energy can not flow smoothly through the channels and we feel pain.

An acupuncturist is trained to use special needles in the skin at specific points on the body that affect the balance of the body's systems, or homeostasis. These extremely fine needles activate the body's own self-healing ability. They help unblock the channels (or meridians) and allow the free and smooth flow of Qi. This relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

A truly holistic treatment, research shows that acupuncture can restore proper blood flow to the tissues, stimulate healing, including repair of old injuries. It also relaxes muscles relieving pressure on joints and helps to relieve stress.

People generally find after a treatment they feel more relaxed, their sleep is improved, and they have more energy.

What is Acupuncture?

How can Acupuncture help me?

What to expect after an acupuncture treatment

After an acupuncture treatment, your body can react in ways you might not expect. For instance, it is common to feel deeply relaxed and in balance, with a calmer and clearer mind. One of the benefits of acupuncture is the release of endorphins, the body's happy hormones. This natural high might last for a few hours or even a day.

In fact, as well as emotional well-being, people often feel a bit sleepy after acupuncture. While it is not necessary to have a nap it is a good idea to rest. Having a rest after your acupuncture session means that the restorative benefits of acupuncture treatment can continue.

On the other hand, one of the positive effects of this oriental medicine is that instead of feeling sleepy, you might get a boost of energy. So, the best advice is to listen to your body. If you get a boost in energy, enjoying some light, gentle exercise such as walking or stretching is fine.

Pain relief with acupuncture

If your acupuncture session was for pain relief you may find that you can reduce your pain medication. You can also enhance the treatment with some appropriate aftercare. In Chinese medicine, pain is often due to stagnation or the blockage of the flow of energy (Qi) through the body. For instance, musculoskeletal pain such as neck pain or back pain can be caused by stagnation. Acupuncture benefits include unblocking the channels and promoting the flow of Qi with acupuncture needles. Heat also improves the flow of energy. So, you can enhance your treatment by covering the area with a hot water bottle while you rest.

Acupuncture is usually very successful for pain conditions. New, acute pain, for instance after a sports injury, is usually quick to heal with acupuncture. It may require only a couple of treatments. But, long-term or chronic pain will likely return and may need a more detailed treatment plan for lasting results.

Emotional pain and acupuncture

Sometimes the stagnation is an emotional blockage. So, acupuncture can release stuck emotions in some people. Releasing these negative emotions is a healthy response to acupuncture treatment.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated after your treatment. As the stagnation is released, the flow of energy can release toxins into the system. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks or alcohol and instead, stick to plain water to flush out these toxins.

If you have had chronic pain for some time the tissues will be stagnant and it can take some time for the blockage to release. The flushing of toxins can also be a reason why you may have more pain after a treatment. It is fine to take some pain relief if you need to while this process occurs.

Pain that moves after acupuncture

It is not uncommon to feel as if the pain moved after your treatment. This can occur because you have blockage of more than one channel. If acupuncture relieves the pain in one channel it can make the pain in another channel more apparent. So it appears as if the pain moved. In fact, the pain was likely there to begin with, but it was masked by the greater pain in the other channel. Your acupuncturist will address this other acupuncture channel at your next appointment.


Furthermore, you might find that your acupuncture treatment unblocks your channels of elimination. In other words, you may need to urinate or empty your bowels more often. Don't worry about this. Instead, just see it as another way that your body can detoxify. You could even benefit by feeling less bloated or have less water retention as a result.

Adverse reactions

Rarely, acupuncture patients may have some irritation, like an allergic reaction to acupuncture needles. This is usually due to the metals used in making the needles. If you have a known nickel sensitivity, let your acupuncturist know and we can use coated needles to eliminate this potential reaction.

Contact us if you have any questions

If you have any questions about the effects of acupuncture, or your acupuncture treatment, you can contact us or ask at your next acupuncture appointment.

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